SW X-Wing 2. Ed.: Scum & Villainy Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit

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SW X-Wing 2. Ed.: Scum & Villainy Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit

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During a game of X-Wing Second Edition, you will secretly select your ships movements using cardboard maneuver dials included in each ship expansion and the Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit.

Now, you can further customize the aesthetics of your squadron by situating each ships maneuver dial within a stylish and secure plastic housing.

The Scum and Villainy Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit provides three sculpted plastic dial casings that announce your affiliation with the galaxys most feared bounty hunters and criminals. Additionally, these plastic maneuver dials provide an easy way for you to differentiate your dials-each dial includes a space on the back for you to insert a dial ID token that displays a silhouette of the corresponding ship. Choose your speed and style!

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