Russia Besieged Players Guide

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Russia Besieged Players Guide

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A 64-page magazine describing the history of the game, from its design inspiration and origins to the game Russia Besieged has become today. This 64-page companion guide, complete with a half-sheet of counters, will unlock even more value to your copy of Russia Besieged by making more variant and optional rules available. Variants include a Rudel counter, one of Germanys most famous pilots, Fortification counters, an option rule What If that presupposes Italy not attacking Greece, allowing Germany to invade Russia one turn early. Also, included in this package are the counters and setup cards needed for a Historical Variant developed by Paul Popejoy. As an added bonus, errata counters are included to correct a few omissions/errors in the printed version. Fans of the game will also enjoy the Gamers Guide section that has examples of play, analysis of mechanics and techniques to enhance not only your understanding of the rules but will further develop your style of play. If you are a serious fan of Russia Besieged, this package will intensify your East Front gaming experience.

1 - 64-page booklet
2 - Half-sheets of counters
2 - Historical variant displays (double-sided)

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