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Reavers of Midgard EN

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In Reavers of Midgard, you will be looking to gain glory by raiding nearby villages for their riches, sacking well-fortified castles and battling both man and monster on the open seas. You will not only need to take your rowdy crew of vikings and the food needed to keep them happy along for the ride but youÂ’ll also have to recruit a crew of elite warriors - the Reavers.

Reavers can be used in three different ways. They can be made your ships leader, earning you a one-time bonus and enabling your warriors to be more versatile in combat. They can also be used to rally more warriors to your cause, filling your ship to the brim with the right fighters for the right situations. Finally, they can also be used to help your crew specialize, earning you a bonus every time your crew sails into battle.

Whoever can earn the most glory after six rounds will be the winner.

- Multiple paths to victory means that every game is a unique experience.
- Reavers of Midgard is a strategy board game set in the award-winning Champions of Midgard universe.
- The beautifully illustrated artwork will immerse you in a world of combat and fierce competition.
- More than 60 custom dice!
- Over 130 cards!

2-4 Spieler
Ab ca. 14 Jahren

Autor: JB Howell
Grey Fox Games


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