Planet Apocalypse: The Pack of the Pit Expansion

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Planet Apocalypse: The Pack of the Pit Expansion

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Punch up your game with this expansion to Planet Apocalypse. It continues your adventure with travels into space! Also adds new Fourth Circle demons, Lords, heroes, and even troopers.

This is not a complete game. You must own Planet Apocalypse to make full use of this expansion.

- 10 new gift cards
- 2 new legions - Gehenna and Hades
- 2 new maps - the Washington Mall and the Vatican
- Optional New Regions: France, Germany, and Russia, with special troopers for all the areas (including Paras, the Foreign Legion, Spetsnaz, and the Bundeswehr)
- Two new heroes: Penrod Wallenstein, and Amelia Azevedo
- The Gadarene, a unique Fourth Circle demon that sends troopers & heroes into a panic
- The Raparee, a unique Fourth Circle demon that steals your courage
- The Hortator, a unique Fourth Circle demon that boosts every other demons attack
- Orobos, a new Demon Lord whose royal throne makes him nearly immune to attack - unless he chooses to permit it.

1-5 Spieler
Abc a. 14 Jahren

Autorin: Sandy Petersen
Petersen Games


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