Planet Apocalypse: The Dragon Pack Expansion

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Planet Apocalypse: The Dragon Pack Expansion

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Punch up your game with this expansion to Planet Apocalypse. It continues your adventure with travels into space! Also adds new Fourth Circle demons, Lords, heroes, and even troopers.

This is not a complete game. You must own Planet Apocalypse to make full use of this expansion.

- 10 new gift cards
- 2 new legions - Tartarus and Cocytus
- 2 new maps - the Dragon Back and the Dragon Guts
- Optional New Regions: Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, with special troopers for all the areas (including Mounties, Federales, and UK Constabulary)
- Two new heroes: Victor Steele, and Bernice Kuchler
- The Elemental, a unique Fourth Circle demon that turns demons invisible
- The Cendiary, a unique Fourth Circle demon which sets heroes on fire
- The Nuckelavee, a unique Fourth Circle demon who steals your toughness
- Chthon, a new Demon Lord whose attack grows stronger the more his health drops
- Stroma, a new Demon Lady who grabs a hero and never releases him till death

1-5 Spieler
Ab ca. 14 Jahren

Autorin: Sandy Petersen
Petersen Games


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