Planet Apocalypse Core Game

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Planet Apocalypse Core Game

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Hell has risen. Humanity nears extinction. It is up to your tattered band of champions to save the world!

Planet Apocalypse is an exciting co-operative game for 1-5 players. You are post-apocalypse heroes confronting the hordes of hell! Every game is different, and every game is tense, as you battle demons from the circles of hell, and in the end strive to take down their demon lord! Send Hell back whence it came!

Planet Apocalypse was designed by Sandy Petersen, one of the best-known designers in the horror game field. In 1993, he was a key designer for the ground-breaking video game Doom. In 2015, he released Cthulhu Wars. Now he returns to the topic of apocalyptic horror.

The art and style of the game was all created by Keith Thompson, whose work is well-known in both films and games.

1-5 Spieler
Ab ca. 14 Jahren

Autorin: Sandy Petersen
Petersen Games


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