Napoleon Saga Enemies of the Empire Prussia Expansion

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Napoleon Saga Enemies of the Empire Prussia Expansion

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A new army deck to include in the main game. Details will be envailed soon but it will also include new stories.

In this game, each player has two decks of cards that represent his army and his strategic plans. They deploy their starting troops on the board and alternate turns to defeat their opponent in one of two ways:

Disbanding the opposing army by emptying their ranks. Reaching at least ten Victory points by defeating enemy units and completing secret objectives.

You can recreate famous historical battles such as Quatre-Bras, Ligny, Waterloo or Wavre with the scenarios included in the game, or you can change history by building your own armies with the deck-building aspect of the game.

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Ab ca. 14 Jahren

Autor: Frederic Romero
L Oeuf Cube Editions


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