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Jagged Alliance - The Boardgame EN/DE

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Jagged Alliance TBG is a co-operative board game with over 30 miniatures where you to take the role of your favourite Jagged Alliance mercenaries to battle Deirdranna and her minions in a deeply tactical combat game with unique action mechanics.

Gear up and improve your mercs, find allies from A.I.M., free sectors from occupying forces , uncover hidden caches or stumble into roaming bloodcats as you leave your mark on the island of Arulco. Build up a militia to defend your hard-won territory and always keep an eye out for the actions of Deirdrannas nefarious commanders .

With its modular map and scenario creation andhighly replayable missions, you can play JA-TBG as a solo game or with up to 4 players as a co-op campaign. Whether you are looking for a short skirmish mission in just a few sectors, want to play a 2-3 hour mini campaign or tackle an entire all-stops-pulled story mode campaign to liberate the whole island of Arulco from its oppressive regime, Jagged Alliance is just what you need.

The game uses sector maps as modular board tiles and adds strong tactical elements such as terrain and cover and different, evolving enemies. Evolve your mercs over the course of the campaign, adding allies and tons of gear and weapons. Your evil dictator opponent (several of which exist, forcing you to adapt your strategy for each one) commands a vast army and so every victory will make your job that much tougher, as his lieutenants throw new troops, obstacles and counter-attacks at you, making you earn every sector the hard way. You will need to manage your militia and resources and use your allies cleverly or you may find yourself swarmed by enemies where just minutes ago you had conquered a sector.

Are you tough enough to liberate Arulco?

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1-4 Spieler
Ab ca. 12 Jahren

Autoren: Marko Jelen und Jan Wagner
Underground Games Rocks


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