1944 Race to the Rhine

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1944 Race to the Rhine

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No gas, no ammo, no food. No time to spare to cross the Rhine before the enemy closes all the gaps. You need to secure the bridgehead before others do. ThatÂ’s the only way to Victory and your personal glory.

1944 Race to the Rhine is a new game experience. You canÂ’t win this game without proper planning. Your tanks need gas to move and ammo to fight. But donÂ’t forget to feed your GIs. So what would be your transport priority?

Will you follow general PattonÂ’s strategy to discard ammo in order to bring additional fuel barrels along to move boldly forward? Would you risk your prestige and gamble on Market-Garden as marshal Montgomery did? Would cross the Rhine quicker than general Bradley did, with the help of your hard work and a little luck?

1-3 Spieler
Ab ca. 14 Jahren

Autor: Jaro Andruszkiewicz, Waldek Gumienny


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